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Some of the Nice Things People have been Saying about Catbin Fever.

July 21, 2012


I reproduce here some of the nice things people have been saying about my book, Catbin Fever on Twitter, in the hope that you, the reader, will either a) know some of these people and respect their opinions, or b) become browbeaten and overwhelmed by their apparent number, and in either case, will feel inexorably […]

Catbin Fever.

October 29, 2011


‘You’ve all been very understanding, loves, and this book is my way of saying “thank you, now help me pay for what somebody did to Brenda’s downstairs lavatory”. Ignore the name at the top. It’s all my work, he just wrote it down. I’m sure he wasn’t even listening half the time.’ – CBL CATBIN […]

Goodnight V

October 2, 2010


Yet another collection of the sign-offs that have eased so many troubled minds.   Goodnight… The last thing intruders will be expecting is a staircase completely smothered in butter. It could save your life. Lullabies are only calming when you know where they’re coming from. Achieving forced perspective effects with tapering hallways will convince an […]

Some Thoughts on Writing @CatBinLady.

September 3, 2010


  In late August, a middle-aged Coventry woman had a moment of madness and popped a friendly tabby into a wheelie bin, presumably expecting that it would go on to wear a waistcoat and form a gang replicating the exploits of Sergeant Bilko. The cat was discovered after it had spent fifteen hours failing to […]