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Major New Purchasing Opportunity.

October 11, 2013


Disappearances. Denial. Dubiously sourced meat. A curiously understaffed company on an English trading estate struggles to conduct business as usual after a large conurbation in the Midlands goes missing. Meanwhile, the new owners upstairs and their shiny assistant appear to be working on a project of their own. I’ve written my first full-length novel. It’s […]

Bedtime Stories : Creative Drawing

April 2, 2012


My name is Judith Palmer and I don’t regret anything I’ve done. I have taught at St. Agnes Primary School for three years, and I have no intention of leaving. After this term, Jordan will no longer be in my class, and it won’t seem so strange then. When his father asks me to marry […]

Bedtime Stories : Business as Usual – Part One

August 9, 2010


  “Ian, close the door, would you?” Ray had decided no-one else was going to turn up. He swung his legs onto the oval table as Ian reached back to push the meeting room door shut. The other attendees were all sat in chairs, but Ray considered that his senior position in the company behooved […]

A Bedtime Story : Dental Records.

April 9, 2010


The three men stood around the filing cabinet and stared at the contents of the narrow drawer Matheson had just pulled out; he with pride, the other two in quiet admiration. ‘That’s the lot. One year’s worth,’ Matheson beamed, ‘almost.’ Jones looked to Phillips and mouthed a silent ‘wow’ before turning back to Matheson. ‘So […]

A Bedtime Story : The Wrong Kind of Toilet.

March 26, 2010


The train slid through the dark evening air as George sat cursing his phone battery. Another hour to go, and no electronic distractions from the boredom. In the darkness the window provided no more entertainment than a reflection of George’s own annoyed face. Looking around the carriage, he became aware of his solitary travelling companion; […]

A Bedtime Story : Mister Pettifer.

March 20, 2010


Trevor had been friends with Mister Pettifer ever since he’d first found him propped up on a bench in the park. His parents hadn’t been home at the time, so Trevor had performed the task of maneuvering Mister Pettifer into the go-kart and bringing him home alone. Trevor was big for his age, but this […]