Major New Purchasing Opportunity.

Posted on October 11, 2013


Jeremy is Stuck eBook Cover

Disappearances. Denial. Dubiously sourced meat.

A curiously understaffed company on an English trading estate struggles to conduct business as usual after a large conurbation in the Midlands goes missing. Meanwhile, the new owners upstairs and their shiny assistant appear to be working on a project of their own.

I’ve written my first full-length novel. It’s called Jeremy is Stuck and it’s a science fiction comedy. It’s available in Kindle and Paperback flavours.
If you own something other than a Kindle, or prefer something other than a Kindle reading app, or you just aren’t keen on multinational corporations, a bundle comprising epub, mobi and PDF versions of the book is available. All DRM-free for you to read on whatever your preferred device might be, just like nature intended.  Thanks to Gumroad, that bundle is available for purchase right here : Jeremy is Stuck – Rich Neville – epub/mobi/PDF bundle.


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