Some of the Nice Things People have been Saying about Catbin Fever.

Posted on July 21, 2012


I reproduce here some of the nice things people have been saying about my book, Catbin Fever on Twitter, in the hope that you, the reader, will either a) know some of these people and respect their opinions, or b) become browbeaten and overwhelmed by their apparent number, and in either case, will feel inexorably drawn to purchase the book for yourself. If c) you have already purchased the book for yourself, then look upon this as a list of people you might like.


Folks, very few, if any, really worthwhile books have come out of Twitter. This may be the first. Really. (@TheSimonEvans)

The Catbin Fever book by @RichNeville is very very good, dark and funny. (@twistedlilkitty)

Very funny 🙂 (@StevynColgan)

Fantastic! (@stephencgrant)

I would highly recommend @RichNeville’s Catbin Fever … a brilliant personification of a woman at the mercy of her impulses. (@MooseAllain)

I insist you buy @RichNeville’s Catbin Fever. It’s very funny and slightly alarming. (@HillyFoz)

thoroughly enjoyed catbinfever! – James Maskell (@nurburgringer)

… it’s proper makin me lol. (@goodyuk)

I’m reading Catbin Fever by @RichNeville. It’s absolutely brilliant so I recommend you do too. There’s been A LOT of laughing aloud! (@keileybobs)

Here’s a big reason why today is a good day: My copy of the mighty @richneville’s book has arrived! (@casioroee)

Just bought I, Partridge audio book. This and @catbinlady’s Catbin Fever are the best book buys this year. (@GilesRedman)

Last night read @RichNeville ‘s book on the replacement bus between Larbert & Stirling, lots of old ladies were reading it over my shoulder
it’s excellent, a bit like Adrian Mole meets Damien the Omen (@IainLauchlan)

I’ve been steadily reading Catbin Fever. It had me in stitches last night! I’ve just finished chapter 6, I think. Love it! (@spacedust_ego)

My daughter, son and I have all been reading Catbin Fever. Few books have made me laugh out loud so frequently! (@paper_polly)

I read it recently, and it changed the shape of my face. For the better 🙂 (@JimtheSG)

Loving the book, it’s hilarious! Everyone go out and buy Catbin Fever! (@kellymarieprior)

Read @RichNeville’s book. It has more funny lines than a mirrored table at a clown convention. (@sendasigh)

Just recovered from my 3 day binge on Catbin Fever. I suffered mild brain damage due to lack of oxygen from prolonged laughter. (@rhcp77)

just reading Catbin Fever, haven’t laughed so much in ages! (@MirandaRRiley)

@CatBinLady is hilar. #CatBinFever (@maxinevagine)

The funniest book I have ever read. (@Hay5ter)

“Very funny from start to finish” – Chris Hancock. (@cjhancock)

Read [Catbin Fever] Saturday in one go. Absolutely hilarious (@fionasothcott)

…its a HUGE laugh, I re-read it when I go 2 the loo,far better than the paper, can be a cause for piles though! (@goodyuk)

You should read @RichNeville’s book – it is top hole. (@alexadwilson)

I thought this was a wind up. Proved pleasantly wrong, really funny writing 🙂
If you haven’t read cat bin fever by @CatBinLady you jolly well should. Im dying to shovel food into someones handbag now. (@lauramum)

Just finished reading Catbin Fever. So very funny,laughed my way through it. Brilliant. (@KittyCJG)

Catbin Fever is genius! (@sparksparkspark)

Just finished Catbin Fever by Rich Neville, also known as @CatBinLady. Absolutely bloody hilarious. Loved every second! (@thejoepaterson)

Catbin Fever is not a has-bin. Will warrant recycling forever (@MalcolmWelshman)


The Kindle version of Catbin Fever is nice and cheap at £1:53 in the UK, leaving you with plenty of money to spend on commemorative plates featuring Lord Coe, or a Kindle. The price is similarly reasonable in the US and elsewhere, so that those people can afford to buy more of whatever it is they like. Pizza, perhaps. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can probably get a free Kindle app for your phone or tablet, or alternatively use the Cloud Reader web app in a browser.

Catbin Fever is also available as a physical object, like your grandparents told you about. The paperback can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, The Book Depository and many other sites. If you’re in the UK and like visiting your local independent book shop, you could always order it from The Hive and they’ll send it there for free for you to pick up.

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